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AU Awards for Excellence

A. The Six AU Awards :

Each award was named after an illustrious person found in Catholoic Church history and also in memory of our predecessors who had worked long and hard to carry out their teaching mission.  The general policies governing each award were laid down by the AU Academic Awards Committee in 1997.  These policies are subject to review, re-interpretation and modification as may be called for.  Except for the St. Montfort Award, the awards are given in three classes.  The second and third class awards are meant to recognize mid-level and junior AU faculty and staff who have performed well above the norm as compared to their peer group.  The awards are as follows:

1. St. Montfort Award : Illustrious Service Award

St. Montfort Award is given for faithful, dedicated and outstanding services rendered to the University by senior administrators whose career spans more than 25 years.

2. St. Michael Award : Public Service Award

St. Michael Award comes in three classes and is given to University members who have provided academic and/or other significant services to society, and who have represented the University in academic and supporting activities that are acknowledged by the public. In so doing, they uphold adn promote the University's reputation and stature.

3. St. Hilaire Award : Distinction in Writing Award

St. Hilaire Award comes in three classes and is designated for those who achieved distinction through academic writings in the form of articles and books.

4. St. Martin de Tours Award : Excellence in Performance Award

St. Martin de Tours Award is designated for lecturers and aministrators who discharged their duties and responsibilities conscientiously and superbly; who exhibited high standards of efficiency, excellence and quality in teaching, counseling, and duties such as composition of test materials, framing of examination papers and other academic related factors.

The award is also for non-teaching staff who add to the University learning process.

5. St. Bernard Award : Special Merit Award

St. Bernard Award is intended for University members who exhibited special managerial skills and who performed their tasks and assignments beyond the normal calls of duty such as initiating, restructuring or reengineering of programs for an office or department, or providing voluntary services for improving, upgrading systems and procedures, and participating in other artistic or scientific activities for the welfare of society.

6. St. Thomas Award : Research Award

St. Thomas Aquinas Award is given to those who contribute through their research to the promotion, enhancement or the reputation and prestige of the University. Their research should result in publications, patents and/or other innovative materials of features.

B. Nomination for AU Awards for Excellence

1. St. Michael Award for Public Service
2. St. Hilaire Award for Distinction in Writing
3. St. Martin de Tours Award for Excellence in Performance (Teaching)

3.1 Teaching Performance Evaluation for St. Martin de Tours Award for Excellence in Performance (Teaching)       

4. St. Bernard Award for Special Merit
5. St. Thomas Aquinas Award for Research

C. Staff of the Year Award (บุคลากรดีเด่น)

1. แบบฟอร์มการเสนอชื่อบุคลากรดีเด่น